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Information for staff, students and prospective students on the outcome of the EU referendum

Thursday, July 21, 2016 | By Universities Scotland International Team | Tagged: , ,

Free tuition will continue for those enrolled or preparing to study in Scotland

Funding will remain in place to support EU students already studying in Scotland or preparing to start this year. This includes free tuition and associated support. This has been confirmed by Universities Scotland and Scottish Government. 

In the same statement, Universities Scotland and the Scottish Government stated that they 'welcome the contribution EU students make to our society, culture and economy. EU students add to the diversity of our communities, enrich the learning experience and support local businesses and jobs.'

You can read the full statement here: Joint Statement: Scottish Government and Universities Scotland on the outcome of the EU Referendum


Scottish participation in EU research will continue unchanged until the end of Brexit negotiations

Scotland continues to be eligible to participate in EU funding programmes. As the EU Research Commissioner Carlos Moedas himself confirmed, “until the end of the negotiations, UK remains a member of the EU and therefore with all the rights and obligations, including in relation to research programmes like Horizon 2020”

Almost a quarter of research in Scottish universities are from other EU countires. Both the Scottish Government and Universities Scotland have made clear that EU nationals, including researchers, continue to be welcome at our universities following the referendum.

You can read a full statement on research here: Joint Statement: Scottish Government and Universities Scotland on EU Staff and Research


Further information

You can find out lots more from Universities UK's Brexit FAQs here: Brexit FAQs for Universities and Students

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