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Scottish universities support for refugees

Wednesday, November 25, 2015 | By Universities Scotland International Team | Tagged: , ,

Higher Education Institutions have a role to play in supporting people who are fleeing violence and persecution. Universities in Scotland have responded to the refugee crisis and are providing support to people resettling in Scotland and on the ground in conflict areas.

Scottish universities are providing accommodation


Abertay University is working with the local council to provide support for refugees living in the local area including use of accommodation.

The University of Glasgow offers free accommodation to all students with humanitarian protection or asylum seeker status where available.

The University of the West of Scotland is part of the HEI Refugee Forum and has provided significant resources to support refugee families into appropriate accommodation.

Scottish universities are providing tailored support services


The University of Edinburgh has launched a refugee advisory service to coordinate all support for prospective staff and students across the University.

Many people being settled in Scotland will need assistance with getting their qualifications accredited in the UK. Glasgow Caledonian University will establish a professional accreditation advice centre based at GCU from early 2016, to provide professional advice and guidance to refugees arriving in Scotland.

The University of Strathclyde works with the Scottish Refugee Council and the Bridges Programmes to offer support and information to refugees who are considering entering higher education through workshops, information sessions and collaborative activities.

Scottish universities are providing scholarships


The University of Aberdeen's "Shining Light" scholarship fund covers tuition and accomodation fees for refugees looking to study in the UK.

 The University of Edinburgh has three scholarships for Syrian postgraduate students, full fees and living costs, and has committed £100,000 of support to assist refugee students and scholars.

The University of Glasgow offers four Humanitarian Scholarships which are awarded as a full tuition fee waiver, a £5,000 stipend and accommodation costs waiver for each year of study. 

Glasgow Caledonian University is offering five scholarships to students who have either had their studies interrupted or who are looking to begin their university studies having been settled in Scotland.

The University of Strathclyde supports academically talented applicants who face a barrier to entering higher education because their asylum application has not yet been determined. The scholarship covers international rate fees and supports students in meeting essential study expenses.

Scottish universities are providing outreach education


Glasgow Caledonian University plans to support displaced students and others in camps in Syria and elsewhere, by offering access to on-line educational resources, as well as some face-to-face provision delivered by volunteers within camps in the Syrian Border areas.

The Open University has teamed up with the British Council to deliver academic programmes to displaced Syrian refugees who have temporarily settled in Jordan and Lebanon. English, French and German language skills will be taught in classrooms by the British Council to approximately 3000 Syrians and disadvantaged Jordanian students, with around 300 of the highest achieving students progressing to Open University accredited online degree courses.

The University of Strathclyde’s Centre for Excellence for Looked After Children in Scotland (CELCIS) has developed guidance for social workers and teachers on dealing with looked after children who are currently seeking or have been granted asylum.

Scottish universities are providing practical aid


University staff at Glasgow Caledonian University are working with the Student Association and their strategic partners to gather and make best use of practical aid.

Scottish universities are fundraising


Glasgow Caledonian University is developing an action plan to identify sources of funding from GCU-led activities and philanthropic sources and hope to be in a position to announce a major initiative in the near future.

The University of the West of Scotland has engaged in fundraising and charitable exercises to provide funds and materials in support of those in need.

Scottish universities support the Council of At Risk Academics


The Council of At Risk Academics (CARA) helps academics and scientists fleeing from discrimination, persecution, suffering and violence in some of the world’s most dangerous places.


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