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Scotland and Malawi: Together in Partnership

Tuesday, June 23, 2015 | By Charlie Bevan | Tagged: ,

On the  21st May 2015, at the Scottish Parliament, the Scotland Malawi Partnership launched the 2nd edition of its Higher and Further Education Directory, collating the many and diverse institutional links between Scotland and Malawi.  The event was attended by msps, Scottish and Malawian university and college representatives and other key stakeholders involved in the linkages between the two countries.

The Scotland Malawi Partnership (SMP) is the national umbrella organisation that exists to coordinate, support and represent civil society links between Scotland and Malawi, to the benefit of both nations. Currently all Scottish universities, and a number of colleges, are actively involved in links with Malawi. More than 94,000 Scots have a partnership with Malawi and an estimated 46% of Scots personally know someone with a Malawi link, making this one of the world’s strongest people-to-people relationships.

The multiple Higher and Further Education links which exist between Scotland and Malawi are predicated on the shared values of cooperation, mutual respect and collaboration. Such partnerships promote economic and social development; facilitate the sharing of knowledge, experience and expertise; and make a valuable contribution towards poverty alleviation by building a strong knowledge economy attuned to national challenges and local solutions.

The directory profiles over 40 project links between 13 Scotland HE/FE institutions with Malawi in subject areas as diverse as surveying, climate justice and construction, demonstrating the great scope and scale of the many interconnected partnerships. The purpose of the directory is to build on the success and learning of existing partnerships, and inspire the development of new links.

While most of these partnerships have been strengthened over many years, and much shared understanding developed, this report also emphasises the changing environment of the higher education sector in international development. With input from colleagues in Malawi, the SMP Higher and Further Education Forum and a number of key international donors, the report offers insight into contemporary challenges and priorities that need to be considered in strengthening existing links, and inspiring new partnerships.

The directory highlights the range of collaborations between higher and further education institutions in Scotland and Malawi. It gives a flavour of the enthusiastic collaborations that have developed over many years between our countries.

It is hoped the directory will also serve to encourage others within those communities who have not yet established partnerships to see the mutual advantages of working together in their respective specialisms.

To download the directory click here.

If you would like to get involved or contact the Scotland Malawi Partnership email Charlie Bevan

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