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Please be aware that the course search feature is designed to act as a guide for those wishing to study in Scotland. For full course details include entrance criteria and full course description please visit each institutions own independent website.

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Funding and Fees

You will find that there are several scholarships and awards on offer to study in Scotland, at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. If you know where you would like to study the best place to look is on the institution's website.  Otherwise, you can search for scholarships on the Education UK website to see what scholarships different universities have to offer.  You can also contact your local British Council Office to find out what the offer students from your country to study in the UK.

Scholarships and funding

British Chevening Scholarships

Chevening Scholarships are the UK government’s global scholarship programme, funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and partner organisations. The programme provides full or part funding for full-time courses at postgraduate level, normally a one-year Master’s degree, in any subject and at any UK university.

Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (CSFP)

The Commonwealth Scholarship Fellowship Plan (CSFP) allows citizens of Commonwealth countries to study in the UK. Depending on which commonwealth country you are from CSFP Scholarships include scholarships for PhD positions, scholarships for Masters programs, scholarships for undergraduate study, Distance Learning scholarships, Academic Fellowships, and Professional Fellowships.

Fulbright Awards

The Fulbright Awards programme offers a range of awards for US citizens to study abroad in the UK. These awards include post-graduate awards, and awards for academics and professionals to lecture, study, or conduct research in the UK.

Royal Society Grants

The Royal Society provides a range of grants for scientific research fellowships.  This includes post-doctoral fellowships, early career fellowships, senior career schemes, and grants to work collaboratively with industry.

Saltire Scholarships

Saltire Scholarships are available to postgraduate Masters students from Canada, China, India and the USA. Eligible courses must be in one of the following subject areas: science, technology, creative industries, healthcare and medical sciences, and renewable and clean energy. 

There are now 20 new scholarships of up to £10,000 each available for postgraduate students from India studying in the areas of medical technologies, big data and food/water in 2018-2019. For more information please Contact us.

Tullow Group Scholarship Scheme

The Tullow Scholarship scheme offers awards at the postgraduate level. The Scheme aims to build capacity in areas where Tullow’s host countries experience significant skills gaps, especially, but not exclusively, around these countries’ oil and gas industries.

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Tuition fees

Your tuition fee status will depend on your ordinary country of residence and whether you are from the European Union, the Rest of the UK or if you are an International student from outside the UK.

International Students from outside the European Union

As an international student you will need to pay fees for your tuition costs. This is for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Tuition fees vary depending on the institution you want to attend and the course you want to study. Your institution will provide you with information on how and when to pay your tuition fees.

Undergraduate Students from England, Wales, and Northern Ireland (Rest of UK)

If your ordinary residence is in England, Wales, or Northern Ireland (often referred to as the Rest of UK) you will be required to pay an annual tuition fee set by the institution you are applying for.  These fees vary depending on the institution you want to attend and the course you want to study.

Students from England, Northern Ireland and Wales studying in Scotland are able to apply for living cost grants and student loans from their home funding body, and will receive the same level of funding from these sources as they would if studying away from home (e.g. outside London) in their home country. Many universities in Scotland offer scholarships and bursaries to assist with the cost of tuition fees or living costs. To find out what tuition fees you might need to pay, and what scholarships and bursaries may be available, visit the website of the institution you want to apply to.

Undergraduate Students from the Scotland or the European Union

There are no direct course fees for undergraduate students from a country within the European Union. First degree students from Scotland or the rest of the EU studying in Scotland are entitled to have their tuition fees paid by the Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS).

Post-graduate Students from Scotland, the Rest of UK and the European Union

Post-graduate Students from Scotland, the Rest of UK and the European Union will need to pay a tuition fee at the “home” rate.  This fee is set by the individual institution. To find out what tuition fees you might need to pay visit the website of the institution you want to apply for.


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